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Welcome to the World of Reliable Marine WiFi!

The Coastal Marine WiFi system has been designed not just for performance, but also for long term reliability. It has the power and sensitivity to effectively bring that far away remote WiFi hotspot right to your boat.

Increased Range: Based on the Ubiquiti Bullet M2HP, the market leader in WiFi radios, this system has been custom designed to take advantage of the Bullet's 600 mW output power by directly coupling the WiFi radio to a 8 dBi WiFi antenna. This approach eliminates losses that normally occur when coax cable is used, and also avoids any reduction in receiver sensitivity.

Connectivity: The Bullet connects to the remote hotspot using power and receiver sensitivity that far exceeds that available with mobile devices. The local WiFi access point connected to the Bullet then provides you with easily accessible wifi connections.

Waterproof: Although the Bullet is weatherproof, we developed a waterproof enclosure for it to ensure long term reliability. The enclosure also provides a mounting for the antenna, and is designed to screw directly onto a standard 1"-14 antenna mount.

Easy to Install: This system has been designed with just four components designed to be easily connected, making the installation quick and simple. The system is supplied completely pre-configured; no software installation or additional configuration is required.

Easy To Use: And our in-house designed mobile apps makes selecting a hot spot easy with just a couple of keystrokes. No struggling with complex websites specifically designed for use by experienced computer people!!

The provided ethernet cable has been build for direct burial, so is both waterproof and UV resistant. One end connects to the WiFI radio, and the other end is connected to the local WiFi access point in your boat. Pre-configured with your choice of name (usually your boat's name) and WPA2 WiFi security, this local access point is what your WiFi devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.) connect to, not the remote hotspot.

The standard configuration provides for 25 ft of cable between the WiFi radio and the PoE injector, with just a short cable from there to the local access point. For other options please click here.
Unique to the Coastal Marine Wifi system is the availability of apps to scan for and select hotspots.  No need to sruggle with complicated websites, which is even more frustrating when trying to browse a complex website with a smartphone! 

An app is currently available for Android, with an app for iOS, as well as programs for Windows 7 and 8, in development. These apps connect to the WiFi radio, display a list of available hotspots, prompts for security information if necessary, then connects to the selected hotspot.  You can sort hotspots by signal strength, security or name.   Nor will the software let you mistakenly connect to your own WiFi access point!  Security information for successfully connected hotspots is retained, so re-connecting is very easy.

Once a connection is made, every few seconds the smartphone based apps check for connectivity to the selected hotspot, and also download the home page from one of several major websites (e.g. Google).  This ensures that the connected hotspot will not drop connections because of inactivity, but imposes very little load on the connected hotspot.


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