Marine WiFi Booster

Your Solution for Long Range and Reliable WiFi!

Read why the respected marine electronics blog called our WiFI 'booster' a winner!
Want to connect to hotspots one or two nautical miles distant (maybe more...)?*
Connect to a hotspot 'hidden' by other boats?
Allow multiple devices to connect to a single hotspot?
Avoid dropped connections because of short periods of inactivity?
Use AppleTV on your boat?

Designed for performance, long term reliability, and unparalleled ease of use, our WiFi 'booster' has the power and sensitivity to bring that far away WiFi hotspot right to your boat.

Significantly Increased Range: Custom designed system using the market leader in WiFi radios (Ubiquiti Bullet with 600 mW output power) directly coupled to a 8 dBi Marine WiFi antenna. No coax cable ensures both maximum receiver sensitivity and maximum transmit power allowed by the FCC. The WiFi radio power and receiver sensitivity far exceeds that available with mobile devices (typically 150 times more powerful).

Connectivity: Our system includes a local WiFi access point that, once connected to the public hotspot via the WiFi radio, will allow all of your multiple mobile devices to connect and utilize WiFi. Includes 4 LAN ports for connection to computers, Apple TV etc.

Waterproof: Although the WiFi radio is weatherproof, we developed a waterproof enclosure for it to ensure long term reliability. The enclosure also provides a mounting for the antenna, and is designed to screw directly onto a standard 1"-14 antenna mount. Use of custom 3D printed parts eliminates potential for corrosion.

Easy to Install: Provides everything you need for installation except for the antenna mount. It has just 7 components designed to be easily connected (view example system here), making the installation quick and simple. No tools required except for a small square ended screwdriver!

Our custom dual PoE injector requires the one and only connection to power (12vdc, 24vdc or 110ac via a supplied 110vac adapter). Shipped completely pre-configured with your choice of boat name and WiFi password.  Other than the optional Android and iOS apps, no software installation or additional configuration is required.

<= Pictures shows two antenna assemblies; the WiFi radio is housed inside the waterproof enclosure. Antenna length is 15", enclosure is about 11" in length.

Ease Of Use: Unique to Coastal Marine WiFi:  Free Android and iOS apps make scanning for, selecting and connecting to a public hotspot really easy! No need to struggle with a highly technical website using a smartphone browser.
  • automatically log onto the WiFi radio.
  • automatically scan for hotspots, ignoring those that have no name and ignoring your own local access point on the vessel.
  • once a hotspot is selected, will connect automatically if no security information is required, else prompt you to enter in the hotspot's security information, and then connect automatically.
  • when connected, will continually check that the connection is good and indicate if you also have internet access.
  • allows you to share hotspot connection information with other CMW users.
  • automatic adjustment of transmit power to avoid interfering with other WiFi systems as well as the hotspot itself,
Other features include:
  • scanned hotspots can be sorted by signal strength, name or security.
  • security information entered to connect to a hotspot is remembered for the next time you log onto that hotspot.
  • simple adjustment of power when needed.
  •  verifies country selection on devices with GPS support.


*Distance depends on conditions, line of sight etc. Actual testing has demonstrated over 2 nm 'line of sight' connectivity from Sidney Spit to free Sidney Wireless (Vancouver Island) and under exceptionally ideal conditions, supported streaming of a video up to 4 nm from a marina.  Please note however, that no guarantee regarding distances is offered, since actual performance will depend on environmental factors.

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