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Core System (click here to view image)
  1. WiFi radio (Ubiquiti BulletM2HP) in waterproof enclosure (see here for specifications.)
  2. 8dB omni-directional marine WiFi antenna (see here for specifications.)
  3. Local WiFi access point (TRENDnet TEW-731BR or equivalent) 300 Mbps wireless access point/router (AP).  (See here for specifications.)
  4. Custom PoE injector providing power into the network cables connecting the Bullet to the local access point (PoE voltages depend on your choice of cable lengths)
  5. 25 ft waterproof/UV protected Ethernet cable that connects the Bullet to the custom PoE injector.
  6. 3ft ethernet cable and passive PoE splitter that connects the access point to the custom PoE injector
  7. a wiring harness with a 2.1mm barrel plug to connect 12vdc or 24vdc battery power to the custom PoE injector.
In Stock $476

Cable To Antenna: Select length of waterproof/UV resistant ethernet cable to antenna assembly:
In Stock

Cable To AP: Select length of ethernet cable to the passive or powered splitter/local WiFI access point:
This option includes a passive PoE splitter.
In Stock

Power Source: Select the source of power that will be used.
This option includes 2.1mm barrel power jack with leads for connection to 12v dc supply.
Custom PoE power module configured for 12vdc input.

WiFI Router: Select the router option.
TRENDnet 300 Mbps router with 4 LAN ports.
All systems that include a router are provided pre-configured with your choice of access point name and password.
Access Point Name: (6-20 letters,spaces and numbers - no punctuation. Typically your boats' name.)
Password:   (8-20 chars; upper/lower case, numbers, some punctuation)
Click here to see supported punctuation characters.
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Total Price: USD$476
Order Code: SYS012W025L00308

If all items you select are in stock, we typically ship within 24 hours of an order being placed.
If an order is placed before 10am PST, we often ship the same day.

Coastal Marine WiFi reserves the right to change, without prior notification,
any part of the WiFi system for a part of equal or better performance.

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